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For travelers or locals, when it comes to meals and restaurants we all want to find the right combination.

QwickBite operates by Cloudfunding Restaurants and Cafes by having the platform to offer the best low prices for meals for customers, and Restaurants still receive their full 100% List Prices, even for the last minute bookings

-  in fact that's what the Platform offers with Outsourced Selling, being able to predict sales, which leads to all the cost saving areas like staff wages and management, supplies, waste etc.

Restaurants can have full meals or selected combinations, any dishes or wines that they specialize in can be listed at the full List Selling Prices and processed with 20% maximum Buying Prices, these Deals can be released prior to the day or whenever there's vacant tables, the Deals are released to the local community to get last minute customers.

Restaurants and other industries and Sellers have the option to use Price Demand to sell to their customers, it might suit some industries or businesses to display the full Selling Prices of product or service, and have the predictable Low Buying Prices or the Price Demand released only when there's a need to fill in vacancies or get sales fast, either way the release of Deals will find the real demand in real time.

Restaurants can set up as many meals and table combinations and times that suits their business, whenever they're ready the Deals can be released on the Platform's Open Market notifying local customers  -  businesses are able to track their sales and as soon as a Buy is made the Restaurant gets the confirmation and knows what to prepare, and when the customers are due.

Meals Deals can be listed and processed in advance or Generic Deals can be purchased by the business at various price ranges to suit the full Selling Prices of meals, each Deal has the 20% maximum buying prices already processed, however businesses may use the Price Demand option for local customers still buy  -  either way the customer still buys the meal at the low price, and the Restaurant gets the full 100% Selling Prices  -  businesses activate Price Demand as a strategy option

-  the Generic Deals can be purchased from the Seller's Exchange Market at the same 20% maximum Buying Prices that are charged to the customers  -  they're ideal for those last minute vacancies that every business has.

Other Deals that are listed can be held by the Restaurant for up to 30 days  -  the full 100% Selling Prices are received by the Restaurants as per all the Platform's Deals.

Payments become simple for the customer and Restaurant, with details either menus preloaded or customized on the go, they're securely processed mobile 2 mobile or tablet 2 mobile, any way that suits the Restaurant Operator.

The process is in real time, with no fees, the business account is updated in real time, giving the business the option to liquidate by cashing out with customers wanting to fund their QwickPay accounts.

With QwickPay the customers could also use their automatic discounts that they can win and use with their QwickPay Pay Here accounts, the discount automatically links to meals or whatever purchase they make, it's a great incentive if customers know the business offers QwickPay payments,

-  the key for the business is to have their inventory of meals etc listed on the Platform and at the payment time the business gains the full list price and not any discounts that may be on offer at the time.

Hospitality Tips are able to be added to the payment process.

For Restaurants and for any seller they can use QwickChat to keep in contact with customers and vice versa

All listing and payment processing is free, an annual TrustBiz Verification license fee of US$90.00 applies.






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