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Economies Of Scale


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With the first billion on the Internet it was Paid Advertising, for the next billions it will be Free Advertising

Connection cost must be minimal for there to be mass access, that cost can come from Free Economic Value

As free working capital it's able to filter into the hands of the next generation via networks of global productivity

Advertising will shift from being Internet noise, to a creative role of generating global productivity

Giving Marketing Agents a new income model that can have more rewards by being paid on performance

As automation takes jobs, populations increase and age, new types of jobs are needed before the transition

Majority of these new jobs needed for this shift, need to be tech simple but have a good productive outcome

People need to connect to a scalable Digital Economy and use it for their daily lives, it should be simple.

They'll be a natural part of an exponential flow of global productivity governed by the needs of the masses.

That global productivity is connected back to the local commerce where billions operate their daily lives

Cost of mobiles are part of Outsourced Selling, with easy entry prices to help get onto basic networks

Local manufacturing using Outsourced Selling will give local communities work and more affordable prices


The 20th Century was about Outsourced Manufacturing, giving a world cheap goods, made with cheap Labour Market

The 21st Century will be about Outsourced Selling on a level playing field, one that spreads global wealth, fairly

Free Advertising will be a catalyst for the next billions to join everyone else in a sustainable digital economy

Markets will shift to a global level, with the Global Crowd eliminating middlemen, the commodity day traders

As jobs go, the Global Crowd will become 'digitally productive' by filling the gaps, even be the invisible hand

A Time currency will flow around local communities with online time transfers, keeping everyone connected

Time currency will expand access and give more people the chance to raise their boat with global commerce

Internet connection subscriptions and plans are part of that local commerce that Outsourced Selling offers

Local Sellers have free advertising to use Outsourced Selling, which can then sell on to their local customers

  Short Term Jobs Platform  
Casual and Short Term Jobs are an important part of all economies.

Having the ability to find someone to fill that role can be frustrating and time consuming  -  with the Short Term Jobs service there's now a place for both Businesses and Workers to come together.

  Casual and Short Term Jobs can be from as little as one hour a day to a full shift of eight hours, even longer, they can be just for the day, for a week or a few weeks.

With any casual job there's always the case of Workers being exploited, the same as Businesses not getting what they expected.

The Short Term Jobs service uses the Global Citizen ID for Businesses and Workers to better identify each other, having the balance of trust between the two is the key to a satisfactory relationship.

The service provides balance by the Workers having their wages locked in escrow before they begin work and know that their wage can't be reversed back to the Business unless both parties are satisfied or by arbitration.

The service is able to provide both Businesses and Workers with the ability to generate Deals that are specific to the industry category, the type of work and wages.

Businesses and workers can use the Seller and Buyer Posts to either look for a Worker to fill a vacancy or for workers to find Businesses looking for Workers.

Some of the Jobs that are quite prominent in local economies are baristas, hotel staff, cleaning, chefs, nursing staff, teachers, office workers, any sort of temporary work that's needed.

Other industries such as Farming with fruit pickers, some industries can be a little difficult for Workers to get a fair deal, what Short Term Jobs can do is source out the best and add protection to ensure a level of standard and safety.

Many Backpack Travelers travel to see and experience the culture and life around where they visit and that can include casual and short term jobs.

These jobs are sometimes used as a way to take advantage of travelers looking for a bit more traveling money so to ease the risks associate with these jobs there's Short Term Jobs that can add an extra level of security.

The 'wage for the work' is the connection between Businesses and Workers, the service provides the platform that indexes the acceptable wages in locations, in most cases wages that will be at the high end, so that there's a benefit for both parties.

For more permanent Jobs that needs a balancing of wages for the work being done there's WageShift, it'll add more incentive for the Worker and the Boss.

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  The Incentive

The Business is able to take advantage of only paying 20% of the local wage and the Worker is able to get the benefit of the higher than normal wage.

The incentive is equally better for both Businesses and Workers with both being able to gain financially.
  Technology will create secure jobs - which will increase incomes  
  Jobs will be different, they'll be much more digital and versatile enough to operate anywhere  -  and they'll be at the forefront of generating 'productivity' around the world.

Security will operate in all types of jobs       Turn Back The Clock

With Global Citizen ID. each Worker and Business will be able to be build there own credibility so that their reputation can be better handled than using basic Global media or review sites.

Only those that use the service are able to provide reviews and references.

  The Mechanics  
Workers and Business are able to use Cloudfunds, a free financial source to generate Jobs Wanted and Jobs Available Deals.

There are no fees for either party to generate or accept.

When a Worker generates a Job Wanted ( worker available ) the wage 'requested' will relate to the industry, type of work, times available and the local economies wage levels in a specific location.

Only a local Business with a Global Citizen ID in that location and industry will be able to see that Job Wanted Deal with the wage details, they can request more details and when satisfied can Buy the Deal at the 20% Buying Price
( price can vary slightly according to the winning bid price ).

Once the Deal is accepted and purchased the full Wage Price is locked in escrow until the work is completed, or if the Job is over a longer period part payment can be released with the two parties agreeing.

The similar action is taken by the Worker who has listed a Job Wanted, only if a Worker is satisfied with the Job Offer and the Business's Global Citizen ID will it go to the next step.

Accepting the Worker's Deal Offer releases an option for the Business to Buy the Deal at the 20% Buying Price.

Both Business and Worker are on record and can have follow-up contact to ensure of a satisfactory outcome.

The process of bidding for Deals is handled by OMMs - Open Market Makers, this Global Crowd compete to win as market makers Deals using Cloudfunds, once there's a winner, the Deals are ready to release to the market with the Buying Prices.

  Cloudfunds is Free Economic Value anyone can earn to compete equally with others  -  from anywhere that's connected

This equalizing has a direct financial outcome on people  -  access to global Supply and Demand can better their local economy.

Providing new income sources to isolated regions of the world via global commerce will solve many issues such as inequality.

Geo-economic competition that's equalized and incorruptible can provide economic growth to regions with limited resources.
  - OMMs create the new way to sell globally!  
  QwickBids               QwickBids Flow  
  QwickBids are where Deals are bid for to find the winner, and the buying price.

Every Deal is limited to the number of bidders can register, so OMMs need to be qwick if they have friends or teams they use to help win.

As market makers the OMMs don’t take possession of any items but they do earn 60% profit over their winning bid value just as a wholesaler does by profiting for being the 'connection between the producer and the retailer!

Something that's unique with the way OMMs and all Users who participate in bidding and buying on the Platform is that everyone is able gain a distributed share from the 'productivity' in all the active locations, as viewed on the Location Activity Screen.
QwickBids isn't like traditional bidding that spends all your out of pocket money,

-  QwickBids for a start has a 20% maximum buying price level, that means the maximum a winning bidder will pay is 20% of the full list price.

The next advantage is that of the 20% all bidders can use up to a maximum 15% of the seller's full list price during the pre-bid strategy time allocating Cloudfunds,

-  that means 75% of the 20% maximum set for a Deal can be using Cloudfunds.

The more Cloudfunds collected the more Deals that OMMs can participate in.

There are only 3 steps to participate in a Deal after Cloudfunds have been collected and a small amount of funds added to your QwickPay account.

1. Register,
This step transfers the Opening bid from your QwickPay funds to confirm

2. Set Strategy,
The maximum amount of Cloudfunds can be adjusted in before the Start Time

3. Wait and watch,
Bidding is defaulted to Auto  -  the amount of bidding funds possibly needed depends on the amount of Cloudfunds used, and if you are eliminated.

So once your strategy is set you can go and find more Deals to bid for, or maybe you need more Cloudfunds.

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