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What the LED Hub Platform does!

The Platform changes how Selling works!

Sellers have a new home!                                          Cloudfunding operates along the Supply Chain

Cloudfunding brings global outsourcing to Main Street businesses  -  it takes the typical Outsourced Manufacturing model and turns it around to drive local sales with Outsourced Selling.

Instead of getting products made cheaply in other locations what Cloudfunding does is it Outsources the Selling of the locally manufactured products and services out to a Global Crowd.

Cloudfunding moves into Main Street!

Cloudfunding isn't like Crowdfunding, it operates with a free working capital that any of the Global Crowd can earn and use in strategies to win products and service deals, and overall generate local productivity that spreads value across an economy.

The general way Crowdfunding works is if there is a good idea for a product or cause, anything that could benefit people or society should be helped along, and it's done by small amounts of money given by many people rather than a lump sum from a bank or someone as a loan, the small amounts with Crowdfunding are more in the line of a donation or gift.

Cloudfunding generate activity on a larger scale  -  changing how money flows through Main Street and the local population.

There are several actions that combine to make this happen, Cloudfunding operates as the front-end and Global Cloud Productivity operates as the back-end mechanics joining it all together:

                                                ( Outsourcing + Crowdsourcing = Cloudfunding )

What the Platform does is reverses the way Crowdfunding normally gets the Crowd to fund a project and instead it provides the way for the Crowd to be funded, and with those funds begin to stimulate local economies around the world.

All trading along the Supply Chains for sellers and buyers are listed on the Sellers Trade Exchange and the 'activity in productivity' is displayed on the Global Market Locations.

Local sellers now have Crowd advantage!

Selling should be simple and it should be free in today's smarter tech driven world,

-  selling should be as easy flowing as listing items for free and 'selling' those items to the Crowd, then make those items available to the local buyers at such low prices that sales are made within a few minutes,

-  it should be as simple for a seller with big ticket items just as it is for a Coffee Shop to list coffees and release deals within minutes at a maximum 20% of the full prices to local buyers anywhere in the world, and do it whenever they want!

-  and it should be just as simple for a buyer to find those deals and quickly be able to decide to buy without any fuss, just

                                                                                    Find, Click and Pay!


-  that doesn't mean a buyer should be subjected to being tracked and confronted with creepy marketing, it should be free flowing and strictly Opt-in only with anything that's trying to share their space, besides it's always been seen as bad practice for salespeople to follow buyers around a store so why should it be any different on the web!

-  the Platform gives intentional buyers equal chance to buy local products at the early stage when a local seller first lists an item, local buyers can compete equally with global buyers to try to get an early advantage over other local buyers!

                                                                                Find, Click and Register!


-  equally someone in the India or Africa has the same opportunity to compete for deals with someone in the UK or the USA and vice versa, even with the value of the product being relevant to the country of the seller the lower 20% maximum buyer prices closes the gap and levels the playing field,

-  fact is users at the opposite ends of the economic space greatly influence each other's local economy by competing.

Sellers are not asked to discount or pay for advertising when listing their inventory, they just list their full priced inventory and let the Crowd do the work, the sellers get their full prices and the buyers get great affordable prices!
( full prices mean the prices seen and verified by customers on the shelf in-store, not online prices that can be lower )

-  sellers set their business's trading zone so they're still offering their products and services to their local customers, what the Platform does is it allows the seller to use the Crowd to set the low prices, then offer those prices to local customers,

-  prior to the Platform finding a buyer the sellers are notified when the full payment has been locked in escrow, it's then held until the buyer's 'Collection Code' is presented before being released,

-  sellers don't have upfront costs or fees to list their inventory, no advertising, no listing fees, the seller receives the full 100% List Price at the completion of the exchange of a product or service, ( there is a possible annual US$90.00 seller's license agreement )

-  sellers in developing countries have the same tools as sellers in developed countries to use the Crowd to sell to their local buyers!

-  importantly there are no credit cards, no banks, so no costs or charge backs  -  providing the unbanked the ideal Platform.

-  sellers are spared the theatrics and cost of marketing and get a free pass direct to handing over of a product or service to a local buyer in exchange for payment, making it simple for sellers to take 'ONE STEP' to get sales!

When payment is received by the seller, it can be 'liquidated / sold / exchanged' using Pay It Forward, Now!, which simply means that the UDC received in the sale is liquidated with the local fiat currency at a 'brick and mortar' store with a local user wanting to buy UDC using QwickPay, that 'buy' is completing part or all of the purchases the seller had made previously with other buyers,

                                                                  QwickPay  '. . . send P2P payments around the world for free!'

To put all that into perspective, think of all the activity generated by the 'Black Friday' sales but then multiply that by every minute in every day of the year selling all types of products and services at 80% discount, on a world wide scale, and do it so no seller loses their full profit or no buyer misses out unfairly on a bargain!

We are not talking about being limited to listing a single or a few units, the Platform's scale is able to process 000's of items for sellers and be able to make them available to buyers in the seller's trading zone, and have the 'cash payment' land into the seller's cash register, in real-time!

We've integrated Cloudfunding into global commerce, and done it in a way that anyone can be involved to get the ongoing benefits of crowd generated activity in any location around the world measured in real time!

                                                                  - see Location Index measuring Productivity

On the way to achieving the 'ONE STEP' to get sales for sellers there were several industries disrupted, some due to them being unnecessary and others like the advertising industry that's hardly advanced in the way it operates, it's one of the very few industries that still gets paid regardless of results, up to now it's been so easy for sellers to be told that the more they pay for advertising the better the results will be.

The Platform steers well away from that 'spin doctor' approach of placing a band-aid on a seller's marketing hopes by giving sellers a complete change in the approach to selling with no hidden fees.

The Platform disrupts advertising by changing the way it can be 'brought to account' for itself, it should be able to prove it gets 'results in sales' not just show that it has exposed an item 'in views', a seller shouldn't be subjected to the new 'commercial blackmailing' done by search engines using bids to force money to be paid out for 'no sales' or to the army of 'click farms'.

The Platform's architecture doesn't use search engines it's built on 'word of mouth' that spreads virally, there's no amount of advertising that will beat 'word of mouth', especially when a buyer finds that they can buy a product or service at 20% of the full price,
the first thing a buyer does when they find a bargain is tell their friends,   Quik-Alerts   and this is what makes Global a far better 'return on Capital Investment' for a seller, all a seller wants are sales and not just the talk!

Once you see how the Platform changes global commerce buying and selling will never be looked at in the same way ever again!

The Platform brings together the third pinnacle of the Internet, welcome to Cloudfunding!

It's neither Global Networking nor Data Searching  -  Cloudfunding is the Internet's New Digital Economy that stands between Social and Data,

-  Cloudfunding is a model that pushes out and distributes for the broader benefit, rather than using a 'walled garden' to pull everything in!

                                    " . . . it's not built as competition but built to develop with!"

It's Touch Down Time!

Cloudfunding moves into Main Street!

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