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  Subliminal Interactive Advertising gives local Media a free business model

The Digital Era hasn't been all that kind to the traditional media and the publishing industry  -  both print and digital mediums have been impacted, along with journalists and staff, leaving the industries struggling to find a sustainable replacement for the advertising revenue.

The need for a new business model has been spoken about for several years, and it's now overdue, especially to get over the ad fatigue and targeted surveillance advertising that audiences are getting increasingly freaked out with  -  it needs to be a business model that does more than paid exposure, and forgets about what advertisers ( Sellers ) need, and that's sales!

Traditional advertising has never been a truly accountable service in terms of closing the sales loop for Sellers  -  and digital advertising only changed the way Sellers could target their products at a global audience, but the basic function is still only to expose.

Subliminal Interactive Advertising - SIA, operates with Cloudfunding to close the sales loop, even makes advertising free to Sellers with no fees or commissions to list unlimited inventory  -  it avoids big data scrapping and personal surveillance that now seems the norm to fund some businesses.

SIA flips advertising around so it's subliminal from when Sellers list their inventories to final payment  -  its fully accountable economic infrastructure with deep tracking, distributes and validates an economic value using aggregate demand from global productivity  -  it changes Commerce's mechanics so Sellers are guaranteed full selling prices via Automated Selling, while Buyers get prices cascading down to 20% with Price Demand, without 'the noise'.



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And local Media, with its hard earned distribution channels, is in a prime position to gain from a purpose built Web 3.0 business model  -  effectively SIA forms part of the internet's missing economic infrastructure  -  it opens the way for value to move from offline to online using real products and services to validate an imbedded online currency that's ubiquitous and accessible to all internet users.

Local Media has a seat at the table

Subliminal Interactive Advertising - SIA, overcomes the saturation and audience ad fatigue that 'in your face' advertising has been criticized for  -  SIA does what it says, it operates quietly in the background on mobiles, websites and medium channels along-side content, with only a small logo and a simple Opt-In / Out function, which gives Users the way to automatically hide QwickPic ads ( majority of ads are ignored anyway ) but still have it working in the background  -  medium channels like television, web and newspapers only need to have the QwickPic logo inserted in the corner of a screen or slotted into newspapers to launch SIA ( siAds is the service used by mediums and sellers ), and viewers and readers only need to spend a few seconds to Opt-In by zooming in to take a snap of the Code  -  SIA is structured to bring Offline and Online Commerce together on an autonomous economic global platform where products and services are continually displayed ( subliminally ), and via alert notification updates, without any need for search engines or social media.

Nuts and Bolts  -  all roads lead back to local economies

SIA doesn't need to infringe on traditional TV, print or radio advertising  -  on television it operates during the content time, such as the typical 45 minutes between the 15 minutes of traditional ads shown in every 1 hour of television  -  what makes SIA different is that once a viewer connects via the siAds logo, as many as 700 plus different QwickPic ads can be distributed subliminally in the background during the 45 minutes via the viewers Online device of mobile or laptop without interrupting the content viewing.

Newspapers and Radio work similarly with daily Codes ( in 24 hr windows ) being placed in the Newspapers or spoken over the Radio, maybe during news time  -  with newspapers just one siAd logo or radio siAd code could be equivalent to weeks of paid advertising due to the backend connections that readers and listeners have.

It's not just the 700 plus different products and services but the depth in the number of units in the inventories behind the initial QwickPic ads, which could be 1,000 cars or 10,000 holiday rooms, or 100,000 cinema tickets  -  it could even be back along the supply chains where viewers could engage with the local dairy industry in a direct market-based solution to help monetize farmgate milk prices, and then get another advantage at the local retail end  -  even take the coffee industry where a local coffee outlet or a group of coffee houses collaborate to have a million cups of coffee processed and released to the communities, or a single or a group of fuel outlets across several cities combine to release millions of litres of petrol  -  or having more affordable rents / leases and mortgage payments and utility bill payments processed and released as service deals in the 000s  -  each industry group can use SIA connected via the local Media to stimulate their local economies, no matter where the businesses or consumers are located  -  all products and services are monetized by the global crowd and governed by the validated aggregate demand of global productivity, before being released with Price Demand for users to pay what they can afford.

A brewing dilemma between Supply and Demand

In post COVID-19, the landscape will undoubtedly be different for those businesses that come through and still have inventory, or can get inventory, it will potentially create an 'off the scale bottleneck' between Supply and Demand  -  because the consumer will be hesitant in spending what limited reserves, and even credit that will be available ( not forgetting the generational austerity impact )  -  there is a brewing dilemma with an over-supply of inventory looking for a limited demand, which will push businesses into discounting to beat the competition for sales ( even more discounting than pre COVID-19 ).

Traditional marketing and advertising is not designed to gear up and overcome this unprecedented slow-down with sellers refrain from advertising when the demand by consumers could be hesitant to buy due to future incomes ( household cashflow crisis ), so having a paid advertising model is a further obstacle compared to operating with the free SIA business model  -  SIA is designed to open up the flow of Supply and Demand from economy to economy through global economies of scale at the grassroots of local economies, which avoids or at least reduces some of the looming bottlenecks that will limit Productivity  -  deep tracking technology now has the scale to give local economies access to incentives that stimulate local Supply and Demand simultaneously, and in real time  -  giving sellers full selling price profitability and giving buyers cascading buying price affordability, without creating debt on a global scale!


Localization never went away

Local communities, local media and local economies go hand in hand in keeping things ticking along in towns and cities but as globalization threaded its way down into local communities it dissolved much of the local manufacturing and commerce that kept money following within the local economies  -  so localization needs to be reintroduced but in a way that technology does the hard work  -  and local Media is still positioned as an important town crier 'connector' in local commerce.

Outsourced Selling supersedes Outsourced Manufacturing

To rebuild localization, where more products are physically built with local labour, instead of relying on outsourcing the manufacturing of products elsewhere using cheaper labour, the major obstacle is obviously the cost of local labour that makes pricing uncompetitive  -  Cloudfunding overcomes that by outsourcing the selling of products ( and services ), by monetizing the locally manufactured products with direct foreign digital capital  -  DFDC is the validated aggregate demand from global productivity that's recycled back through a distribution mechanism to the global users, who initially helped to monetize the inventory  -  this direct foreign monetization ( are not loans that need to be paid back ) effectively guarantees the full selling prices before the products and services are released to buyers, who then have Price Demand to compete with, and pay prices they can afford, even though the full selling prices maybe higher than the foreign manufactured products.

This full monetization from foreign ( and local ) users is the global scale that the Outsourced Selling mechanism operates in  -  it shifts Productivity from last to be the leading catalyst in Commerce's mechanisms and monetizes it ( Productivity ) so that products and services are 'fully paid for', before they get released to buyers  -  it flips the global commercial landscape around and gives local sellers the competitive advantage over foreign manufactured products by using 'foreign labour', digitally  -  utilizing the intrinsic economic value, governed by local products and services, as the means of exchange between buyers and sellers, while continually 'swimming between the flags' within the Supply and Demand dynamics  -  in a new paradigm  -  it means that only two components, the Supply side and the Demand side are needed to exchange the economic ( capital ) value between buyers and sellers to complete a trade for products and services, that can be liquidated into local currencies without costs, instead of using a third component offering the use of local currencies with costs  -  the universal economic capital value generated from productivity, and self governed by its global aggregate demand, is a genuine alternative way to create an international unit of account, compared to the way credit is created out of thin air.

Free Open Market Economic Zones - FOMEZs automatically form as local sellers and buyers trade together, with both taking advantage of the competitive advantage that local sellers have competing for market share  -  that advantage comes about with a shift in the economic infrastructure model at the local level, one that fully monetizes a seller's products and services before being released to local buyers using an economic engine that incentives global users to participate in 'user friendly' Game Theory and FOMO economics  -  it's designed to capture the aggregate demand from completed global productivity, and use that economic value to validate and govern the new capital flows ( without incurring debt ) via a recycling mechanism  -  which's able to exponentially and sustainably monetize an infinite loop for any amount of inventory listed by local sellers  -  there's a flow-on benefit from maintaining full selling prices, and that's with the full tax revenues that can be gained, instead of it being diluted from seller discounting.

Local Economic Distribution - LED Hubs are a new generation of local economic stimulus that sits between local sellers, who may be located in the central business zones, and buyers who live in outer suburbs, and only occasionally shop in the central city or shopping precincts  -  it's a local economic hub which can be both a physical B&M or existing businesses connecting sellers with buyers and economies with economies  -  the inventory held by sellers within most zones has sufficient economic value to exponentially drive an entire local economy on a sustainable path to growth, which can lead to economic flows spilling over into other local regions  -  it comes down to stimulating trade through incentives that gain velocity in the exchange of economic value, making it profitable and affordable, locally  -  all of which is tracked in real time by the Global Productivity Index, which helps the market makers direct their efforts into raising productivity in the various local economies  -  where totally new economic alliances of local economies can be established by local communities.

Think that Automated Selling was still some time off?



SIA bypasses all the incumbents with Automated Selling

In simple terms, SIA is part of an economic platform where local Media, and the various mediums, can tap into and use siAds as an incentive to invite their viewers / readers to bid for and buy products and services from local, national or global sellers ( but not in any traditional way )  -  instead of pushing ads in front of users, siAds subliminally connect with users via a free app that operates in the backgrounds, without all the surveillance and targeting stuff  -  it's not just the incentive of avoiding ads but in the way users have the chance to buy products and services at prices they want to pay, down as low as 20%  -  with Sellers still getting their full selling prices, regardless of the buying prices  -  Sellers even have the added incentive of free advertising and Automated Selling, without discounting or paying fees  -  and local Media gets a % for every sale that directly connects the buyer to their siAds display  -  and through economies of scale it can even expand to a broader global audience looking for content as well, giving local news media a way to be directly monetized.

It has the making of the next big 'Gold Rush' for local economies!

Local Media already has established viewers and readers that engage with their content, and every Media outlet knows that loyalty is not always guaranteed  -  it's so easy for a viewer or reader to be influenced by another medium source or business that could be offering something for free  -  with SIA and siAds there's a loyalty program for local Media to invite viewers and readers to link up and take advantage of product and service deals offered from local and even global sellers, with the medium not only getting a % of a deal's value but getting a long-tail benefit from those that get connected  -  local Media have their own distribution channels but the way connections can move virally through the internet, it's a phenomena, and being able to benefit from that type of 'Gold Rush' doesn't come along very often.

A unique customer loyalty and business collaboration program is available to give local Media and businesses the chance to invite viewers and readers ( customers ) before they disappear and get taken by someone else  -  once a user signs up they are linked to that inviter ( host ), and then the users will begin spreading the word themselves to start building their own team that can spread around the world  -  local Media has the chance of inviting their local community and customer base to link up, and get their local businesses to list their inventory to sell on the platform without any advertising costs, fees or commissions, before the business world takes the opportunity to invite all their customer base.

Local Media can level the playing field with SIA

Traditional Advertising has remained a service that Sellers accept as a cost to doing business, but it's never been directly accountable for any sales of the products and services that get exposed, it's always been a rent-seeking mechanism with a business model focused on being paid to expose, regardless of how many sales  -  but it's often used to support another totally different business or industry altogether without being truly accountable or productive, with the onus thrown back to Sellers to complete sales  -  take the Online Social and Search industries, both provide free services funded by digital advertising paid by Sellers, but there's still no accountability for sales, just heaps of data showing that the ads have been targeted at potential Buyers  -  what Cloudfunding with SIA does is it offers Commerce as a complete free service with free advertising for Sellers and free of all the costs but importantly completes the sales loop by being fully accountable and predictable with guaranteed sales, without surveillance targeting or data scraping.

SIA opens up a totally new industry away from paid advertising

SIA helps change the dynamics and economics in Commerce by opening up a totally new industry around advertising, one that focuses on directing a productive stimulus into local businesses by adding additional economic value and efficiencies that flow over into the real local economies  -  traditional paid advertising has more been about reaching and exposing brands to a maximum audience, whereas SIA directly aims at large volumes of sales to a minimal audience using a new paradigm that's focused on the economics in local Commerce  -  SIA is structured towards SMEs, which make up for 80% of all jobs, and takes in a higher percentage of revenue than all the big national companies  -  SMEs can be general stores, fashion shops, hairdressers, book shops, taxis, fuel stations, delivery services, hotels, restaurants, trades, all types of Sellers along supply chains that find it costly to advertise, especially on television  -  whatever a Seller is trying to sell, if it has a price it can be sold, it could be anything from a cup of coffee to a car, even a house  -  the volume of units ( deals ) of products and services in the inventory can all be automated into sales with Outsourced Selling and Price Demand  -  SIA helps Sellers avoid the discounting and eroding profit margins that flow into local communities and slow down economies.

SIA helps to free up the 'idle capacity' ( economic value ) sitting in local inventories

The volume of local SME inventories is the 'idle capacity' ( economic value ) sitting in local economies waiting to be sold at any one time, and it's a 'huge stockpile'  -  this largely ignored and untapped grassroots resource in local economies is what SIA monetizes and sells through the DLE - decentralized local economic markets, operating on an independent and fully autonomous economic platform using Cloudfunding infrastructure.

SIA initially helps distribute the economic value of local inventories world wide through economies of scale that generate new capital flows ( governed and validated by Seller inventories )  -  then the aggregate demand from the sales of products and services is captured from wherever the activity happens around the world, in real time ( global productivity )  -  that collected value is distributes back to the decentralized network of open market makers, who initially participated in helping to monetize those sales  -  this effectively recycles the validated capital back into local economies across the world, to fully monetize the next 'ready to be sold' inventories  -  global users get involved in an economic engine process that uses Game Theory and FOMO, which constantly monetizes inventory at scale  -  this tracking and recycling mechanism constantly guarantees Sellers their full selling prices, even before the products and services are released to local Buyers.

This creates two separate supply and demand markets, giving Buyers the freedom to pay prices they can afford, while still competing with other Buyers, in a free open market environment using Price Demand, providing the stimulus for local consumer spending to flow over into the real local economies.


Subliminal Interactive Advertising takes all the negatives
and completely flips Online Digital Advertising around
to form a new eco-system, where everyone benefits!

Economic Engine - Subliminal

Consumers no longer need to be 'the product' for Online
Advertising  -  but be in control of where, when and how
they buy products and services, that they really want!


Users are no longer 'the product' but the new 'open market makers'!

Users have the option of viewing the QwickPic ads on their mobile or device, or hiding them, while they continue to view television or other content, but still be involved in the background in a much more interactive way to benefit, and help their local economy  -  Users download a free ap to their mobile or device, and control when they want to engage with the platform as they watch TV, the web, or read a newspaper  -  Users initially begin collecting a free universal trading value while they're connected Online to websites and medium channels  -  this free economic value is tapped from the economic value sitting in global Seller inventories, and it's used as a continual flow of free working capital to incentivize global users to help stimulate productivity in the local economies  -  Users are able to operate from anywhere in the world through this neutral international trading capital ( non-speculative asset ) held by the peer to peer networks of global users, which's exchangeable with each users own sovereign currency and other currencies ( at no cost ) through everyday sales in Main Street SMEs  -  this global interaction between the open market makers earns mediums and content providers revenue from each unit sale generated via those connections, on a global scale.

Any connection with a medium outlet and business is minimal and doesn't involve surveillance or tracking personal information, it relies on validating the User via RingLink technology, which tracks the identification of the User as they connect with mediums, content providers and businesses when there's an exchange of value between Buyers and Sellers  -  this means there's only a minimal 'need to know' amount of information of a User provided to the mediums and businesses so as to protect privacy for each user, and vice versa  -  the tables have been turned around, and now the User is no longer the product but can be one of the open market makers that can control and drive global Productivity.

SIA helps bring local SMEs in from the 'dark'!

It's known that SMEs around the world are the foundation of their local economies, but they've always been treated as a disposable resource when it comes to the economics around commerce  -  SMEs are relied on for job creation, tax revenues and borrowing, even having to pay higher interest costs due to increased risks  -  and when the economies are in a downward slope, businesses are the ones that are expected to take the brunt by being less profitability and even close, due mostly to no direct fault of their own.

Cloudfunding changes that outlook and places SMEs as the main economic resource of their local economies by tapping and stimulating the economic value in their ready to sell inventory, and selling that inventory at maximum profitability without additional costs, at a faster and more predictable pace, one that's sustainable by being directly funded by shifting the way capital is distributed  -  by shifting Productivity ( a Seller's inventory's economic value ) to be the leading catalyst to drive local commerce, it avoids using credit and debt across the decentralized economic infrastructure, making it independent and autonomous  -  this is where SIA helps bring SMEs out of the old economy and into the New Digital Economy, where new rules are being written on how commerce and trade will work this century.

Some businesses and industries will change as ( when ) the post crisis begins to unfold  -  most will change their approach to getting sales so as they can get a fair share of the limited economic activity going forward, like the real estate industry that has been instrumental in helping to create much of the inequality in most developed countries, and the accommodation industry that have been victims of OTAs with predatory practices that dominate pricing, and then there's the restaurant and cafe industry that have been operating with thin margins for years ( even thinner with the costly delivery services )  -  all these industries will be competing for a limited number of customers who will be limiting their spending for some time.

This is where SIA and local Media can help these local industries get through the bottleneck that separate Supply from Demand  -  where the two dynamics, Supply and Demand, are both separately incentivized with Automated Selling and Price Demand, ensuring that there's maximum profitability and affordability.

New Highways that lead from economy to economy

New Economic Highways

Cloudfunding has an independent and autonomous economic architecture that sits above all the B2B, B2C and D2C marketplaces, with a purpose built economic infrastructure that bypasses the early gatekeepers that have come to dominate Online  -  all the marketing jargon is bypassed by Cloudfunding in an ecosystem that gives all players, Online and Offline, a platform to merge together in a new paradigm of Economics and Commerce that doesn't travel down the same paths charging Sellers to display their products and services without accountability or use surveillance targeting  -  Cloudfunding is building new highways linking local communities, and forming totally new economic alliances linking economy to economy  -  Cloudfunding is rewriting the rules with a new narrative on how in this 21st Century, it will be about giving back the internet to the people so everyone can share the benefits!

SIA disrupts the status quo with a social demand driving Productivity

Imagine an era where the new open market makers are in countries where clothing is outsourced and manufactured for the cheap labour  -  where those labouring making the clothing for minimal wages now have access to mobiles, and can become open market makers, where they can collect the free working capital ( free of fees and charges, and never needs to be paid back, ever! ) and use it in the Outsourced Selling process to help sell the same clothing ( they might have helped make ) in another country, but at multiple times their wages  -  these new market makers, who could out-number many country populations, can earn independent income streams by this new access into global trade  -  and gain the advantage with its connection back into businesses in their own local economies.

There's been little talk about the future of countries where outsourced manufacturing takes place today when automation ( machine learning ) takes over, and in particular, about what effect there will be on the labour forces in those countries when automation expands and eliminates the need for outsourced manufacturing  -  having people of all nations controlling automation through controlling Productivity with Outsourced Selling can provide the kernels to build out a new outsourcing industry, giving people the way to have some skin in the game and earning from a universally distributed income  -  the link between the global crowd and local economies, starting from local Media, is now possible, where from just one television viewer or from one newspaper reader, alerts can be sent out to people around the world, many of whom have until now been excluded from participating in the global economy  -  it's a new level of people's democratic participation, where social demand can play an increasing role and have an impact in the big picture.

Buyers can price compare before activating Price Demand

If price is the difference between small local businesses and big global businesses, then local SMEs now have the upper hand with location and Price Demand with its cascading buying prices that go down as low as 20% of the full selling prices, without hindering the Seller's full prices  -  imagine what difference it makes to the small city and country businesses that employ locals when the profits and affordable prices get spread around amongst the local community from full profits and affordable buying prices  -  well that's what Cloudfunding and SIA does, it levels the playing field by changing the dynamics in Commerce so that local SMEs can directly compete with global businesses, no matter how big they are  -  now with SMEs having the competitive advantage of pricing over big competition, it comes down to SMEs streamlining their supply-lines so there's immediate pick-up  -  local Media can link into this combination of the local price advantage with local customer service and ensure that local businesses have a future.

Compare - Activate - Buy
Mobile Buys Shopping
SMEs are the digital era's 'new banks'

With businesses having full profits ( without discounting or fees ) and predictable sales comes bigger revenues, and, with that it gives every business the option to complete their sales by liquidating their sale payments with local users wanting to fund their account, so they can start to buy deals as they get released  -  businesses can still use their sales revenue to spend on buying supplies or other needs, or liquidate to local cash just like cash sales  -  effectively, liquidating sales into local currencies reinvents the age-old cash commerce but with more transparency and at a greater global scale that involves a global network of buyers and sellers that interact by moving economic value from peer to peer that can be liquidated at Main Street businesses such as News Agents.

Serendipitous moments

Viewers can set their accounts for particular products and services they're interested in, to bid for deals, or set prices they're willing to pay for items, and as the inventories flow through in the background, the viewer's set price could find a deal when the deals are released  -  but there's also Game Theory and FOMO, and serendipitous moments involved, where viewers still compete with other viewers, who all set their own strategies to win deals  -  deals for items a user is interested in can be directed to a user's Notifications to view later  -  it's all in the economics and algorithms operating in the background across a global scale of local productivity that delivers Automated Selling for the seller, and Price Demand for the viewer, while continuing to watch television, websites, or read newspapers and magazines.

GeoCommerce and SIA help solve the conundrum facing local economies, where the overall trend with Sellers is to discount supply in the hope of finding enough demand to raise productivity  -  but discounting is becoming the norm, and no longer able benefit from maximize profits, while the private sector as a collective, is minimizing its indebtedness ( deleveraging ) by limiting their spending  -  SIA helps open up the supply and demand sides by simultaneously maximizing profitability for sellers, and maximizing affordability for buyers in the real economy  -  helping to solve the escalating dilemma of diminishing tax returns that constant seller discounting has on local governments by maintaining full selling prices and profits ( governed by Global Price Index ).

Shifting Productivity to Leading Catalyst drives true value through the real economies

Leading Catalyst

Local Media has a role in distributing true economic value  -  SIA offers the run-way

As we move into the future, and regardless of whatever is automated, and whatever robots take over, it's clear that value will still be exchanged between buyers and sellers  -  the function of exchanging value between supply and demand is an important key in making sure that the productive value is fairly and equitably distributed across societies  -  that intersection between supply and demand is the point along the mechanism in commerce, where members of society need to control productivity to ensure that the gained economic value is shared along the grassroots and into local communities  -  an individual regardless of their technical ability will have the capability to help drive their local economy without being left behind, and be able to build their unique position where they gain sustainable income revenues in the era where jobs will not be the same as they were in the industrial era.

Just like individuals have a role in driving productivity and economies, so too can local Media have a role to get their fair share of the economic value that's distributed  -  local media started as the Town Crier, and that's where it can play an important role in involving communities in the coming changes as local economies get squeezed by the major changes that the technological era will bring.

Global Inventory Value

Local Media can now reshape loyalty

Local Media has always had a fleeting relationship with audiences that can move from one channel to another or from one newspaper to another inside a day, and with today's numerous options, it's almost impossible to keep an audience from going elsewhere  -  SIA has a unique approach to loyalty that gives local Media the way to still benefit from their local audiences as they spread across all the options that they get confronted with  -  it's called Queen Bee and it's a customer loyalty and collaboration program designed to have a silent collaboration between businesses, without infringing on customers and audiences that the Local Media is linked to.

It works by local Media inviting their existing audience to join them and in return the audience can be incentivized with local product and service deals that the local Media has a direct relationship with that use the platform to sell their inventories  -  with the local Media audience privy to unique local deals, the local Media benefits from an expanding collection of local economies that get listed on the platform as a unique Location, that collects and distributes a location activity tax with owners of the Queen Bee accounts  -  the LAT is result of productivity within a city, region or country, and it's distributed as a universally distributed income ( UDI ) in real-time to businesses and individuals as a way to spread real economic growth into communities, and so avoiding the need for inflation.

Queen Bee Loyalty
  Bigger economies of scale and decentralized distribution levels the playing field

Ever since the Internet began, it's been known that it lacked the economic infrastructure to seamlessly transition Commerce from the Old Economy to the New Digital Economy  -  the early stages of the Internet allowed a new breed of incumbents the time to establish new gateways ( moats ), sending many industries into a generation of serfs serving those with controlling power  -  Cloudfunding is building out that missing economic infrastructure with a long term focus on a much bigger global scale, challenging those incumbents that have used data collection and targeted surveillance advertising against users.
  Publishers can now look past the 'era of paid advertising' and be part of the 'bigger global economy'.

The world can't afford to lose talent in the media industry, just because content is expected to be free.
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